Gratitude Sunday: A Better Monday After

Gratitude * Sunday

Quote of the Week – “You will never find anyone who can give you a clear and compelling reason why we observe Daylight Saving Time.” Dave Barry

Sunday Haiku
Sun sweeps cool morning,
clouds roll over afternoon,
rain drenches evening.

Sunday Musings
I remembered an important date! In a timely fashion, I might add.

Next Sunday, November 4, the Sunday before Election Day, is autumn Daylight Saving Time day, one of my two least favorite days of the year. Autumn time change when we revert to Standard Time isn’t as bad as spring, and now I’m semi-retired it matters less unless I have an appointment scheduled.

I still think it is ridiculous to upset the bio-chemistries of a whole nation twice a year. There is no acceptable excuse, except that it is now law and would require legislation to change, unless there is some sort of nefarious conspiracy control experiment going on. Who knows? I’ve read politics, I’ve read fiction, I’ve read spy novels and spy biographies, I’ve seen fanciful movies. Who knows what the rich and powerful could be up to in the name of profit?

I don’t know what they are up to. I have a wild imagination and I’ve seen real people do really strange things, in person. Some things I’d prefer not to remember.

Anyway, for now we have other things on our minds besides changing Daylight Saving Time. We can still be aware it needs ending, but our attention for the next few days should be changing the majority in Congress so there is some sort of check on the shenanigans of the president. Obviously, the GOP either isn’t capable or they’ve been bought off.

Remember autumn we go back an hour (back to Standard Time), spring we go forward an hour (into Daylight Saving Time). How do we cope with jumping into Daylight Saving Time or reverting back to Standard Time? These are real brain/body issues and can be dealt with on an individual basis. Over the years I’ve found a few helpful tips. Guess what? I’m willing to share.


1. As early as you can on Saturday afternoon change your clocks, instead of waiting until before bed or Sunday morning. Autumn we go back an hour. This starts your brain adapting to the change earlier.
2. Change clocks after outside schedules are done, so you don’t blow an appointment, event, or date. If you go out for the evening, set your home clocks to Standard Time before you leave, and maintain your Daylight Time schedule for the evening.
3. For the rest of Saturday evening don’t watch TV or any other visual programing that requires adherence to a schedule if you can help it. If you are absolutely hooked on a program, tune in on time and ignore the clock, or record the program to watch at another time. Try a DVD (if you have a family, perfect excuse for movie night; if you are single, still movie night), that documentary on Netflix you’ve been meaning to watch, or stream something you missed earlier in the week.
4. Read a book instead, and disconnect from screens entirely for the night. This one is really effective when it comes to fooling the brain about the clock, as you begin thinking in Standard Time again.
5. Stimulate your brain in other ways. Make it Family Game Night and play board games, or if you are single how about a couple rounds of Solitaire with real cards you can touch, not on screen, or invite a friend over for a friendly game of Scrabble.
6. Put on your jammies earlier than usual. This one works for me, but not everybody loves their jammies like I do.
7. Observe your normal bedtime routine for a Saturday night. If you can go to bed an hour early so much the better, but some folks struggle with that so aim for either.
8. Sunday get up at your regular Monday time. I know, I know. Sunday is the one day you sleep in. It’s only two Sundays of the year and worth it for a better Monday after. Great opportunity to have an extra cup of coffee and leisurely vote (Oregon votes by mail, so easy***) before the Tuesday, November 6 deadline, or snuggle with the kids, or even start/finish a project.
9. Sunday night go to bed at your regular bedtime. Get up Monday at your regular time and hopefully these tips will help you have a better Monday after.

Easy things to do. Small adaptations to your schedules. Right now we have more important legislation to attend to, and when the current federal administration is straightened out and we are no longer dealing with the insane antics of the play-actor who pretends to be president and his minions in the GOP, perhaps we could make eliminating Daylight Saving Time a part of the wellness section of the new Medicare plan we seek. I don’t like the name Medicare For All. I think the name should be changed to American Health. Keep it really simple. And the acronym is awesome: AH.

Not having to re-set our bio-chemistries twice a year will be a big health boost. Since it’s a simple clock game we could do surveys and see if we want Daylight Saving Time hours to become Standard Time, or if we want Standard Time to be Standard Time. That health benefit right there will likely save us millions of dollars in wellness.

Try these few changes to your approach to coping with setting the clocks back. It’s a simple experiment. Won’t it be a wonderful surprise if it works and you have a better Monday after?

***(Oregon vote by mail: ballots must be in mail no later than November 1 to guarantee delivery before November 6. Remember your postage stamp. There are ballot drop boxes throughout the state where you can drop your ballots without postage up until 8:00 pm, Tuesday, November 6. Here’s a handy link to the Oregon Drop Box Locator:

Color Watch – colorful attractions in my neighborhoods this week – Sister and I took our second Tualatin Valley Quilt Barn Trail Tour this week. We had five sites on our list and spotted two more along the way. (For more information about the Tualatin Valley Quilt Barn Trail here’s a link: Here are the colors we found along our trail of discovery. Gates Century Farm on Hornecker Rd in Hillsboro: Grandmother’s Fan block. Coussen’s Barn on Glencoe Road in Hillsboro: Circle of Life block. Jossy Farm on Beach Road in Hillsboro: Fruit Tree block. Jessie Mays Community Center on Hillcrest Road in North Plains: Log Cabin variation block. Gates Barn 2 on West Union Road in Hillsboro: Connected Kin block. Zurbrugg Barn on Logie Trail in Hillsboro: Carpenter’s Wheel Block. The little goats who live on Zurbrugg Farm. Dixie Mountain Grange on Dixie Mountain Road in North Plains: Strawberry block. Some of the color we saw when we were up in the sky at the top of Dixie Mountain Road.

Current View – {These are only my opinions about movies and books, but don’t let me stop you from trying these reviewed items yourself; your opinion may differ.} Guilty Conscience (1985, rated PG) with Blythe Danner and Anthony Hopkins, a husband tries to imagine the best way to kill his wife without getting caught through many scenarios, while his wife does the same. Surprise twist at the end. * Young Frankenstein (1974, rated PG), classic Halloween humor with Gene Wilder. Again with the lightening up.

Currently ReadingAlice (2015, fiction/fantasy) by Christina Henry. The Alice in Wonderland story for grown-ups; add violence, knives, guns, axes, and violating sex, and nothing is what it seems. * Make Trouble: Standing Up, Speaking Out, and Finding the Courage to Lead (2018, social justice) by Cecile Richards. Inspiration for women. No matter what you are able to do, you can make a difference. It will never be easy, but it will be an adventure.

This week I have been grateful for:

  • Watching the rain make a leaf storm and noting how luxurious it felt just to stand there and watch how the leaves moved or fell when the rain hit them.
  • Farmers market day was still warm enough to smell the oaks sweating.
  • The first rain of the season. Fascinating how the water makes my skin feel colder.
  • How toasty warm my house feels after going out to walk for a bit.
  • The dichotomy of trying to prepare my mindset for the holiday season while simultaneously trying not to dwell on it by over thinking.
  • Spending time with my sister on our second Quilt Barn Trail Tour to celebrate my birthday month, almost as good as sending Mom those birth announcements.
  • Having a lovely day for our tour, sun broke through in the morning, clouded up early afternoon but still so nice, and rain when we finally got back into town to sit down for late lunch. Worked out just right.
  • How the softly grayed day made the autumn colors of the countryside seem to pop.
  • Zucchini, onions, celery, carrots, and luscious Roma tomatoes from the farmers market.
  • Two beautiful boxes of strawberries. Hoping for one more pick next week at the last farmers market of the season because they taste so much better than California berries. Anything tastes better when grown closer to home.
  • Happy Halloween!
  • Water.

Hoping you have a lovely week.

Namaste. Peace. Blessings.

Floral ribbon border by Laurel Burch

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