Gratitude Sunday: Who Are You And Why I Need To Know

Gratitude * Sunday

Quote of the Week – “It’s chaos. Be kind.” Michelle McNamara

Sunday Haiku
Sun teasing, almost
warm, hiding behind fleeing
clouds, heat comes later.

Sunday Musings
I’m fine in my little house. My appliances work. The electricity and mortgage are paid. I have all the stuff I need. I could live for days on the contents of my cupboard and freezer, the unread books on my bookshelf, the movies on the rack I haven’t watched for years that seem like new movies because it’s been so long since I watched them. If I didn’t occasionally need a few additional groceries or medicines, some variety of first-run and vintage movies and best-sellers from the library, command appearances at the doctor, or a regular dip in the pool I’d be happy to stay home all the time.

When I go out I feel like my life is on the line. People drive crazy. What’s the hurry? I mean really, if you are late for work, better late than dead; this isn’t a video game. People swear at you for nothing. Honestly, what in the world did I do? I’m sure I didn’t do anything. Don’t cuss me out because you parked wrong and I raise my eyebrow. A raised eyebrow doesn’t hurt you; I can’t even find the words to tell you out loud what I think about your parking job, and probably good that I can’t. People scream at their kids. Really? You expect better behavior from them when yours is worse than theirs?

Take your bad day and attitude somewhere else, like maybe hide it at home, along with your guns and other weapons of destruction. I’m not always the nicest person either. Maybe that’s why I like being home. My house can contain my attitude, and here I have sense enough not to wreak havoc because I don’t want the hassle or expense of fixing whatever I wrecked.

So, who are you and why are you so cranky? Is life moving too fast for you? Are you always stressed about money, or in between houses, or just plain hungry because you didn’t have lunch today? Are your kids up to nonsense so you are at your wit’s end? Are you stressing about doing justified battle somewhere to stand up for your rights or the rights of others?

Life is so distressful these days going out in public has its challenges. Working, parenting, care-giving of elderly parents, coaching, paying the never-ending bills, making decisions about health insurance or mortgages, begging for public assistance because your full time job is not enough income to support your family, running kids around and doing errands, getting dinner on the table, filling out paperwork and paperwork and paperwork, life is hard these days, and we don’t have any back-up or safety nets. Most of us don’t have somebody we can turn the whole thing over to when we have reached our limit and need a break. And many of us don’t have vacations in our limited budgets.

I need just one thing from all of you out there. I need to know I’m safe. I need to know you are going to behave yourself, not run over me with your car or your shopping cart. I need to know you are not going to let your toddler chew on my leg or laugh when your teenager lets the door slam in my face or let your unleashed dog chase me down the street. I need to know you have your polite and caring self in place when you step outside your door. I need to know you are not going to go ballistic because you didn’t get your way, or you feel bullied, or your kids are more out of control than you. I need to know you are going to own your own problems and challenges and not lose it and take your anger out on me or anybody else. Nobody ever gets their way all the time. Everybody has been bullied at one point or another. Kids are people too, not programmable little robot clones who always behave well; even the best parents struggle with parenting at one time or another.

I need to know that, like me, when you step outside your door you have put your best self on like a new Easter bonnet, even if you are hiding under it. I need to know your best behavior is firmly in place and you won’t lose it because somebody else found the most Easter eggs at the public Easter egg hunt. I need to know you won’t hurt other people because you have cracked like a painted Easter egg before being eaten, or have been forgotten and left to rot like the one egg that wasn’t found until the 4th of July when it finally started to stink.

Are you in a hurry? Cool your jets. Upset today? Chill out. Kids bouncing off the walls? Take a deep breath as you rein them in. Can’t find your Easter bonnet? Pretend you have a crown. Too angry to be in public? Put off the errand until tomorrow. Do you need help? It’s OK to ask.

Put on your bonnet or your crown along with your best smile and behavior when you go out that door. Leave your gun locked up and your bad attitude at home, and if you can’t do that keep your self at home as well. If you have family and friends in your home, best keep that smile in place, because we need all the support we can get. Life doesn’t happen in a vacuum; we don’t do it by ourselves. It’s a basket full of colorful eggs and, in public at least, I want to see your best colors, whether mottled, pastel, or vibrant.

Color Watch – colorful attractions in my neighborhoods this week – The odd shade of red of flowering quince. Shades of scented purple hyacinth. Love the hot pink strings of blossoms of this unknown flowering bush. Rain drops on a fat purple azalea blossom.

Current View
– {These are only my opinions about movies and books, but don’t let me stop you from trying these reviewed items yourself; your opinion may differ.} Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2017, rated R) with one of my favorite actresses, Frances McDormand. Heartache, heartbreak, and no answers bring violence and no resolution. It’s easy to say what one would or would not have done in a similar situation, but faced with real situations I don’t advocate the use of that much violence. * Meet the Fokkens (2011, not rated), a documentary about 69 year old twins who are prostitutes in Amsterdam. Seeing other people’s lives can make one more grateful for having only the struggles one has. * Getting On (2013-2015, rated TV – MA), an HBO series with Laurie Metcalf adapted from a BBC series. I’ve been looking for movies and TV shows about olders, elders, and aging, and this one about a rehab facility popped up on one of my lists. It’s comforting to see a workplace more dysfunctional than my last place of employment, though I hope if I ever have to have this kind of residential rehab, I don’t want it to be like this.

Currently ReadingThe Lonely Hearts Hotel (2017, fiction) by Heather O’Neill. We are starting out in an orphanage during WW1 in Montreal. * Wanderlust: A History of Walking (2000, history) by Rebecca Solnit. The physics of walking, and pilgrimages.

This week I have been grateful for:

  • The hubster shushing behind me while I took several minutes to enjoy watching two fat robins and two little brown and gray starlings joyfully bathing in my favorite mud puddle. The dunk, the wing dip, the splash, the shimmy and shake. So much joy from a little water.
  • Finding the techno-ditz fix of the DVD player was temporary, and learning how to use one of the son’s game player machines to view DVDs. Still prevailing.
  • An invitation to Easter dinner from the hubster’s newly found original family.
  • Getting all the papers in order to begin filling out tax forms.
  • Still having my own home to keep my attitude in.
  • The soothing scent of sandalwood.
  • The end of a much needed two week break from lessons at the pool. Looking forward to all the new and returning tadpoles for the next lesson session. The dunk, the dip, the splash. So much joy learning to swim.
  • A friend who gifted me a soft pretty top in my shade of cherry red.
  • The hubster running an errand for me when my back was not cooperating.
  • Stand-up comedy videos.
  • Throwing together a braised cabbage, carrot, and kielbasa dish the hubster actually ate and didn’t complain about until the next day.
  • The sun teasing with its brightness, though not warm yet.
  • Water.

Hoping you have a lovely week.

Namaste. Peace. Blessings.

Floral ribbon border by Laurel Burch

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2 Responses to Gratitude Sunday: Who Are You And Why I Need To Know

  1. That unidentified pink flower is one I JUST learned the identity of last week. It’s a variety of Pieris Japonica, MAYBE the “Valley Valentine” variety though I don’t know the plant well enough to be sure. So pretty! Comes in white too, and it’s blooming in the park by my house right now.


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