A Brief Treatise On Pockets

What is it about pockets in women’s clothing? They are too small or the wrong shape or in the wrong place. Who designs pockets? Cause get a clue. Women need better pockets.

My pants pockets aren’t big enough to hold a set of keys, which is what I need.

The pockets on my everyday sweater are in the front over my stomach. And too small. Now that’s comfortable. Not.

My down vest has pockets nearly in the right place but they are only big enough to get my first shoved into. God forbid I should want to stretch my fingers.

Almost every other pocket I own is too small. Too small for my hand even folded into a fist, too small for a small billfold so I can travel hands free, too small for my cell phone, too small for a set of keys. In short, they are too brief.

I don’t like cargo pants. If I’m going to carry that much stuff, I’ll take a backpack, thank you very much, where the stuff is all in one place, not distributed around my body. I just want regular clothing with bigger pockets in the right place. I don’t think that is too much to ask.

Especially in outerwear, people. Why in the world would I wear a heavy wool coat against the weather and have a tiny pocket you can’t squeeze your hand into? Duh, pockets are there in case you forget your gloves, or to stuff your gloves into as the weather warms. Small pockets are not a tease, they are a rip off.

I can buy men’s clothing and the pockets are big and deep and on the sides where they should be. I’m going to stop buying women’s clothing. Men’s are cheaper anyway. Women have as much need for functional pockets as men.

Women’s clothing designers, hear my plea. Make clothing with pockets in mind. Cut the cloth a little generously so the pockets lie right. Make the pockets large and sturdy and on the sides where women’s arms are, not over their stomachs. If you lack imagination you can ask me. I have ideas.

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2 Responses to A Brief Treatise On Pockets

  1. piratesorka says:

    Amen Sistah Preach! I have a war issues on this subject too. As a teacher i needed dresses or skirts that had pockets. I had keys to keep track of and chalk to have handy!. Seldom did i find dresses with pockets that were not tiny. I had some good luck with skirts but that was it…and PANTS Good grief, why must there be pocketless pants??? I asked one time and the clerk told me its because “women do not like pockets because it makes their behinds look large” Well then put them in FRONT I Don’t care! GRRRRRRRR…

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  2. sassy kas says:

    I know, right!?!


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