Gratitude Sunday: 2015 Bucket List

Gratitude * Sunday
Sunday’s heartfelt tradition.
A time to slow down, to reflect, to be grateful.
A list of gratitudes, our gratefulness feeds one another.
Quoted from Taryn Wilson
Joining the Gratitude Sunday Tradition at Wooly Moss Roots.


Sunday Haiku
Warm rain pushes cold
air easterly, pelts the earth
with fat wet droplets.

Sunday Musings
I’ve never understood resolutions, as most of them involve unachievable unrealistic unreasonable goals. The history of resolutions have nothing to do with losing weight or getting rich, but with the return of borrowed items and the payment of outstanding debts, and if you take care of your debts your wealth may indeed increase. I don’t resolve, but I like setting goals, so here are my goals for what I want to do in 2015 or my 2015 Bucket List. No, I’m not dying yet, I just like having some achievable goals to look forward to. I am not nearly as adventurous as Lesley Carter at Bucket List Publications; we all have our own speed. I hope some of these spill over into next year, especially the beach trip. I have this need to make sure the beach is still there every year.

  • Listen twice as much as I talk.
  • Read a Winter Classic. Some pithy tome I haven’t read before. I’m thinking Tolstoy this year; I’ve never read any Russian literature. I can get busy on that one as soon as I finish the fiction I’m in the middle of.
  • Swim three times a week.
  • Eat healthful, fresh, simply prepared food.
  • Walk in my bare feet on the earth of my yard.
  • Spend more time outside in the fresh air.
  • Visit the beach at least once during the year. Spend a night or two there if I can.
  • Support my community’s farmer’s market.
  • Submit my tax return by April.
  • Create more light in my dark little house.
  • Be curious.
  • Read and learn every day.
  • Write every day.
  • Desire less in the way of material items.
  • Be grateful for what I have.
  • Graciously accept and experience this challenging aging process and enjoy this body today with all its wrinkles, fat, bumps, lumps, bulges, droops, overhangs, excesses, aches, pains, spasms, itches, glitches and gritches for all the wonderful things it does like breathe and read and move and think and hug.
  • Celebrate 40 years with the hubster.
  • See the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Test Garden in the Reed College district this spring. Haven’t seen it for years.
  • Visit the Bishop’s Close in Southwest Portland. Haven’t seen it before.
  • Concentrate on the beauty in people I spend time with, instead of their “faults” (which might be my perceptions and constructions).
  • Purge a few things and clean a few more corners in my house.
  • Encourage other people to achieve their goals.
  • Revel in the time spent with friends and family.
  • Relish time spent alone.
  • Appreciate the moment and be present in all of them.
  • Make time to be a better friend.
  • Forgive myself.

I wish you a blessed new year and may the goddess of fortune shower you with abundance.

Color Watch – colorful attractions in my neighborhoods this week –this time of year you have to travel slowly enough to pay attention to color; it doesn’t just slap you in the face like it will in a couple of months when spring begins. A veil of ivy green spills over an aging brown wooden fence framed by fingery branches covered with ashy lichens and glistening mosses; DSCN2238 emerald arms of finely feathered moss grow on any stationary surface; DSCN2669 hearts of green leafed ivy find any golden speckle of sun; DSCN2844 bronzed leathery leaves crinkle their way through a fairy tale tangle of spikes and poisoned red berries. DSCN7248

Currently Reading – What is Visible (2014, fiction) by Kimberly Elkins; Making Yourself Indispensable: The Power of Personal Accountability (2012, psychology) by Mark Samuel; Aqua Yoga (2002, exercise therapy) by Françoise Barbira Freedman. Yes, concurrently.

This week I have been grateful for:

  • Open doors and fresh air on the first day of the year.
  • Rain. The hard blue white beauty of ice.
  • Being a shameless autodidact.
  • Watching other people’s children grow.
  • My imagination. This week I imagine every time we think of a person we have known who has left this earth before us, they receive a little memory message as we think of them to remind them their time here was precious to somebody. I have several people in my life who are getting those little memory messages every day and some nights as well. And others who receive them on a more random basis.
  • Air. Soil. Weather.
  • The ease of basic research on the internet. Knowing where to find more.
  • My college education, which came at a late stage in my life; nonetheless, it was priceless, and now completely paid for.
  • The wit I have left at my disposal.
  • My glass.
  • Something in it.
  • Water.

Hoping you have a lovely week.

Namaste. Peace. Blessings.



Floral ribbon border by Laurel Burch

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6 Responses to Gratitude Sunday: 2015 Bucket List

  1. piratesorka says:

    Here is the big question of the day: When you get liquid in that glass…is it half full or half empty?
    Aqua Yoga…I’ll be interested to hear what you thought of it. As far as books go, I just devoured a short book; A Day of Fire: A Novel of Pompeii on my Kindle. I have always been fascinated with Pompeii, I’ve even been there. Sadly I discovered that the city of Naples has all the best stuff in their museum. Here in Amurika we would have had the museum right next to the city of Pompeii. Those crazy Eyetalians just don’t get that concept!
    I still want to plan a day at the coast with you…lets hang onto that thought shall we?


  2. billmarydrew says:

    How about walking on that beach with your bare feet. That is the only thing i would add. I love your resolutions, especially the one to forgive yourself.


  3. billmarydrew says:

    Add a question mark at the end of the first sentence!


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