Gratitude Sunday: I Wonder

Gratitude * Sunday
Sunday’s heartfelt tradition.
A time to slow down, to reflect, to be grateful.
A list of gratitudes, our gratefulness feeds one another.
Quoted from Taryn Wilson
Joining the Gratitude Sunday Tradition at Wooly Moss Roots.


Sunday Haiku
Sun of morning blows
into lightning and thunder
storms in afternoon.

Sunday Musings
What if the wind is not just the wind, but the physical movement of the millions of souls who have left their physical bodies before us, caressing our earth and our human bodies as they move?

What if wind and rain storms were not just storms but the joining of hundreds of those souls in an invigorating ritual to revitalize the earth?

What if lightning was not just lightning but the visual exclamation that life exists beyond this human body?

What if thunder was not just thunder but the voice of many souls gathered in praise?

What if rainbows are not just rainbows but the colorful smiles of millions of souls joined together for a moment of pure joy?

What if the sun is not just the sun but the radiant generator responsible for our entire star group’s existence?

What if “God” is this earth, and its air and its water and the spirit we do not see with our eyes is what keeps God alive?

What if “God” is multiple galaxies and nebulas and star systems of similar places?

What if the words of all religions were recognized as human-made constructs and the spirit of love in all of us was allowed free expression during our human time on this planet instead of being constrained by the barriers of the physical body and the constructs of society and culture?

What if Jesus and Buddha and all the rest were people who recognized this spirit and tried to share it the best they could with the limitations of the human form and voice?

What if we are more than we have any idea of?

Color Watch – colorful attractions in my neighborhoods this week – no pretty pictures this week as I wasn’t able to get out with the camera. I invite to use your mind’s eye and join me in color. I love when the trees get brown naked and show off their bird’s nests. I love when dry leafless burnished branches rattle together in the wind. I love the green leaves of the grapes turning to brown so the vine can start storing energy for next year’s production. I love the green of grass drinking the rain. I love the gray sky full of rain clouds watering the land. I love the bright soft blue of moments of cool sunshine and the silver gold it becomes hiding behind gray clouds.

Currently ReadingThe Lunar Tao: Meditations With the Seasons (2013, Chinese religion) by Ming-Dao Deng; The Farm (2014, fiction) by Tom Rob Smith; The Divine Matrix: Bridging Time, Space, Miracles, and Belief (2007, physics) by Gregg Braden; Mr Strangelove: A Biography of Peter Sellers (2002, biography) by Ed Sikov. Yes, concurrently.

This week I have been grateful for:

  • People. In all their variations of body and face and heart.
  • Looking for the spirit in each of us.
  • Still enjoying the soothing soft “pop jazz” of Kenny G after all these years.
  • The wind on my skin. The rain on my head. The love/spirit in every cell of my body.
  • My burg’s winter Farmer’s Market and being able to buy fresh farm raised eggs from hens who get to eat bugs and whatever else the earth provides, so the protein is really high quality. Chickens are not vegetarians.
  • Anticipating a small Thanksgiving day with just the three of us.
  • A week’s vacation to regain strength after a summer and autumn of illness.
  • Knowing how to learn and having resources to learn from.
  • Words, since they are what we use most to convey ideas and share learning and love.
  • Hearing a recitation of the rosary which I had not heard since I was a child. Enjoying the spirit of the funeral mass I attended and seeing the face of the person being honored everywhere I looked that day. Even though the spirit was sad it was shared.
  • My 30 year old Christmas cactus blooming for Thanksgiving again right on schedule.
  • Water.


Hoping you have a lovely week.

Namaste. Peace. Blessings.


Floral ribbon border by Laurel Burch

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5 Responses to Gratitude Sunday: I Wonder

  1. piratesorka says:

    Darling Kate, you have such a gorgeous way with words. The first part of your essay “What if” was full of such thought it made me think my head would just go “POOF!” with all the possibility.
    The rest was just the sheer delight of observation you do so very well.


  2. heathermama says:

    what if indeed. wonderful post as always. so much to ponder now. thank you


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