Gratitude Sunday: It’s All In Your Head

Gratitude * Sunday
Sunday’s heartfelt tradition.
A time to slow down, to reflect, to be grateful.
A list of gratitudes, our gratefulness feeds one another.
Quoted from Taryn Wilson
Joining the Gratitude Sunday Tradition at Wooly Moss Roots.


Sunday Haiku
Rose petals swirl round
scented sweet girls dancing skirts
bloom to please an eye.

Sunday Musings
I read. Therefore, I am.

I’m not a very good experiencer. People scare me. People terrify me. People in cars or stores or open spaces or walking up my driveway can freak me out. Doctors and lawyers and people who buy into hierarchies freak me out. Relationships are fraught. Confrontations make me dizzy. Situations overwhelm me. Nature presents its own challenges. Going to an unfamiliar place can give me a week of anxiety attacks. Drama? Can’t deal with it. The body can be hurt. The soul can be damaged. The old saying “sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me” simply isn’t true, when those words are issued from the mouth of a loved one or said in hatred or anger. Words that mean to hurt do so.

Books are safe. People-less; character rich. Dramatic plots stay on the page entering your heart through your eyes only, not through your skin and ears and blood. A bookmark can stop an uncomfortable scene to be picked up at a better time.

Words convey so much knowledge; you learn things in books. You can learn things you need. You can learn things you sometimes wish you didn’t know. You can learn lies. You can learn truth.

You learn from the safety of your own home, or room, or chair. You can create the pictures in your head if you wish and decorate or delete scenes as you like. Movies are different. A movie is someone else’s vision and you are watching their interpretation. With books, it’s all in your head.

I’ve been in love with books since I was 5 and started learning to read. I had a few struggles, got past them, found realms I could live in, and there was no stopping me. Years later I find the word for my struggles is dyslexia. My brain made work-arounds for the reading difference, and now I know what is happening with my reading, I have much less struggle. The struggle did not deter my voracious appetite for words.

Readers are individual. We have our own tastes and that’s how it should be. Not everybody likes milk or seafood or peanut butter. Some people cook with gas, some with electricity. You’re still cooking.

Books are so much a part of my life they are also involved in how I make my living. At my place of work I sometimes get asked about the books I read. I don’t like to think of myself as a book snob, but some authors just don’t quite get there for me. There is certain “trash” I love and the authors can’t write fast enough, but I also read widely across many genres. I don’t like to dismiss any author’s efforts because there are often markets for writing I don’t care for. The author has done the work they feel good about and good on them. The readers have a choice they enjoy. I don’t have to choose to read them, just as I have an off button on my TV. I choose what I read. I choose what I watch.

The challenge is I’m an open book about what I like to read. If a patron asks me about a book or an author I can only give them my opinion or parrot some other review I’ve read. If I don’t care for the author or the book I am frank with a recommendation.

Saturday a co-worker disappeared after one of those recommendation conversations; I found her snort laughing in the back room. I’d been asked about a series I’ve tried to read three times and can’t get past the third page. The reader was looking to read the series to find the happy ending, and having not read more than three pages I could only say, “Well, yeah, no, not so much. You should read it for yourself if you liked the first one.” Some people like the 50 Shades of Gray series. That would not be me. Some of my favorite people loved it. I don’t care, we are all reading.

I was pleased to be a trusted source of recommendation to the reader and a gut busting source of amusement to my co-worker. The reader had been satisfied; she took the books. The co-worker had a good laugh. Laughter can be safe or not. I was being honest and not hurtful in my recommendation to the reader and the co-worker was the same in her laughter. We ended up both having a giggle and a conversation about what we are currently reading.

Read what you love. It’s all in your head anyway.

Color Watch – blooming attractions in my neighborhoods this week – glorious gladiolas, in brilliant scarlet and purple;DSCN5530DSCN5528 soft pink roses, sweet and feminine;DSCN5493DSCN5665DSCN5555 I love the tiny purple center of the creamy Queen Anne’s lace;DSCN5557 I think these two are hibiscus family, love the pollen drip on the burgundy one;DSCN5425DSCN5674 I love finding critters;DSCN5473 the purple thistle had both a bee, who kept wiggling his behind to bury himself deeper inside the flower head, and a greenish ladybug type beetle who skittered across the top of the thorns;DSCN5626 love the variety of shades of this hydrangea cluster from pink to blue to purple;DSCN5545 the green abundance of a neighbor’s apple tree;DSCN5559 and the abundance of wild rose hips, already in the middle of summer;DSCN5501and a simple yellow rose to share with friends.DSCN5731

Currently Reading – The Fluoride Deception (2006, medical politics) by Christopher Bryson; Top Secret Twenty One ( 2014, fiction) by Janet Evanovich; A Fighting Chance (2014, political science) by Elizabeth Warren; Man’s Search for Meaning (1946, psychology) by Viktor E. Frankl. Yes, concurrently. Check out my From Me 2 U Book Review page.

This week I have been grateful for:

    • Being pain free (as is relative) from the recent seven week undiagnosed bout of “new” pain, that was a kidney stone.
    • Finding a low sugar, “organic” lemonade in glass jars I can tolerate the taste of. I don’t drink fruit juice because of the high fructose, high carb, no fiber nature of the drink. The citric acid in lemonade was recommended to help with the kidney stones. I don’t like drinks that are too sweet; I can taste the plastic or the carton the juice is packaged in. Quite pleased to find a suitable lemonade.
    • Being back to work.
    • The neighbor cleaning up my yard after his fiesta.
    • Avoiding all the drivers who try to hit me with their 2000 pound weapons.
    • A feather found.


  • Summer reading.
  • The spate of stunning contemporary fiction being produced by youthful authors.
  • Indoor climate control.
  • Appliances that do work while I do other work.
  • Being wrong some of the time so I can learn what is right.
  • Water.

Hoping you have a lovely week.

Namaste. Peace. Blessings.


Floral ribbon border by Laurel Burch

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