What’s Wrong With Obamacare?

I’m going to make this real simple. Obamacare has nothing whatsoever to do with health care. Nothing. None. Nada. Naught. Zip. Zero. Zilch. Nope. Nothing.

Obamacare is about selling the tax-paying public a mandatory health insurance package. That costs you money. As if they are not already getting enough of your tax money and abusing the privilege of using our money.

AND if you don’t buy the mandatory health insurance or prove you have other health insurance, you pay a penalty. AND you are only required to buy it if you can’t afford to buy any other more expensive insurance package. AND it’s not even full coverage. Besides paying premiums for the insurance there are still out of pocket expenses beyond the initial premiums, like deductibles and co-pays.

Let me get this straight. You don’t have a job. Your unemployment insurance has been cut off. You can’t afford to buy health insurance, because you are struggling to keep a roof over your head, the utilities on, food in your household for your family, and gas in your car in case you get a job interview. Contrary to popular belief you don’t have cable or drive a Cadillac. Or you aren’t employed by an employer who provides some semblance of health insurance. So you have to buy the government’s health insurance package or the government will charge you a violation fee for not providing proof of health insurance. Except you have neither the money to buy the insurance package nor to pay the penalty for not being able to buy the insurance package.

Oh, and the people who made these rules don’t have to participate. The legislators who made these rules have full coverage you are paying for with your tax dollars, but these same legislators don’t want to share those tax dollars to pay for your health care. They want more of your money in an insurance scam called mandatory health insurance.

Health insurance is not health care. Health insurance does not insure quality health care. Health insurance insures packaging people up into little boxes and if you don’t fit into one of the little insurance code boxes, you don’t get high quality health care. Health insurance insures Big Pharmaceutical and Big Medicine and Big Agriculture and Big Insurance and Big Government will get more of your money.


Legislators the citizenry vote into office make rules that don’t apply to them? Oh, right, those legislators can afford to buy private premium health care even if their health care wasn’t fully covered by your tax dollars. They make such a high salary from your tax dollars they can pay cash out of pocket full price for medical services and never even feel a dent in their financial budget. But they don’t have to pay out of pocket because they get tax-paid health care. Legislators don’t have to worry about future health care either because after serving two terms they get to collect their legislative salary FOR LIFE after they leave office. I’m in the wrong business because my job doesn’t work like that. Not to mention I get paid WAY less.

To be fair, I have actually heard of 1 (one) person who is getting health care through this new scam with no out of pocket expenses. He is currently not an Oregonian, he is unemployed, his wife is working on a doctorate (read: no income), and I have no real idea how he accomplished such a feat. But I am glad somebody who needs it is actually getting HEALTH CARE from the program.

Here in Oregon our powers that be have spent more than 200 million dollars getting the on-line system set up without signing up one person on-line. Again, to be fair, they have filed a few hand-written applications. But not one penny of this 200 million dollars has been spent on actual health care for a person or persons. 200 million dollars spent on administrative costs of setting up the program without one person getting medical treatment of any kind.

I’m just checking one more time. Is this America? If we are the land of the free and the brave, then we are freely being ripped off by our own government and bravely trying to hold up our heads while being taken to the cleaners.

What’s missing? Where’s our compassion for ourselves and each other? Where’s the care part of health CARE? If this health insurance sham is any indication, the people we pay to organize us into a cohesive community, the legislators who provide a government for us, don’t care. Legislators don’t have to. They have theirs, paid by our tax dollars. They have no concept of what it’s like to live with less than they have. I doubt they even believe we exist. Us unwashed poverty ridden rabble rousing masses begging for health care because we don’t have sense enough to earn enough or manage what little income we have well enough to house and feed and care for ourselves.

I am fortunate. In the last few years, I’ve had health insurance through my employer, and while it isn’t 100%, it is nice not to have to pay everything out of my pocket. And what would be wrong with that? None of my grandparents ever had health insurance, and they lived, birthed children and raised them, and died just fine without health insurance. Many years I didn’t use doctors because I couldn’t pay them. Again, I was fortunate with fairly good health.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to enjoy fairly good health. If you haven’t had proper food and water so your brain and body chemistry can develop properly, and you haven’t had the security of a home so you can refresh and get clean and get proper sleep, your thought processes and physical body will sooner or later not work right. The more you have poor choices, the more you make poor choices; poverty affects those choices, but poverty is not a choice. That’s what you learn. And since we are talking bio-chemical bodies here, there is the genetic memory element to consider as well.

So, Kas, you’re just being sassy. You’re cranky because you see the truth and you label it for the scam it is. Nothing can be done to change health care in America or make it better.

But wait. NOTHING? Maybe. Perhaps. What if? Who says we can’t? Mom used to say “Can’t never did nothing”. Count them, that’s a triple negative. What she meant was don’t say “can’t” before you try your best. When I was raising my son I changed it a bit to “Can’t needs to try harder”. Sounded more positive to me.

What if we cut out the middle man? By middle man I mean the medical insurance companies who make a muddle of true medicine with their over-written rules, overwhelming language, and form after form full of little boxes your illnesses or injuries may or may not fit into.

What if we changed the whole game plan? Throw the bath water out and keep the baby. Media has made Americans afraid of new taxes, afraid of government interference, afraid of any program that smacks in any way of socialism (What is socialism anyway? A word).

I want to simplify everything.

What is needed? Health care for every man, woman, and child in the United States regardless of race, religion, age, size, pre-existing conditions, or ability to pay. I’m tempted to say citizenship, as well, but could we run this United States without the undocumented people who do the dirtiest farm work for us? You know, those jobs most Americans will not stoop to doing even if it means going hungry. And other counties who have nationalized medicine serve Americans when we need medical service in their countries, so that calls for reciprocity. So all inclusive, then: any person in America who walks into any medical facility needing health service of any kind gets said health service. And since we are being inclusive these services need to encompass eye care, dental care, and all specialists who might be required.

Do we have that now? No.

How do we pay for the system we have now that doesn’t work? Tax dollars.

Who do we pay with those tax dollars now? Insurance companies, and subsidizing pharmaceutical and agricultural companies, and government sponsored, finding-biased research.

Who needs to be paid to provide health care services? Doctors, nurses, hospitals, medical labs and facilities. All the people who do the actual doctoring and nursing and hospicing and the places where actual health care takes place, and maintaining those facilities, producing new doctors and nurse to replace those who age out, and keeping doctors current on medical knowledge.

So. Here’s my proposal for a new medical service paradigm in the United States of America. We dump the insurance companies. Take them entirely out of the picture. They are reaping huge profits based upon a bet against a risk and citizens are not getting the health care they need. We also stop subsidizing pharmaceutical companies. If companies want to produce new drugs let them do it at their own expense, on speculation like any other company developing a new product, even while being held to a high independent testing standard before marketing.

We’ll put medicine back in the hands of doctors, who know medicine, and do medicine.

Then we take all that tax money that’s already being collected and give it instead to doctors and nurses and hospitals and medical labs and all the other services available in the medical industry and give them an annual amount equaling a comfortable living wage. If certain individuals want to earn more they could take more work hours, or different specialties, or what all to increase their income. Lots of options could be created there.

Wait, you say. That sounds like socialism. Or, gasp, communism. No. Get off that. You pay your tax dollars now anyway and look at the crap they serve up to us average guys who don’t get paid a salary for life like legislators do after they leave their jobs. Better our tax dollars pay the medical personnel and facilities who provide the services, instead of filtering the money through insurance companies who make a stinking pile of interfering paperwork and render true health care a travesty in what is supposedly the most advanced country in the world.

Am I concerned to suggest eliminating the entire medical insurance industry? Not one whit. There will be plenty of jobs getting all that tax money where it needs to go for the people currently employed in the medical insurance industry. That’s right, we’ll give them government jobs handling tax money. There will be new openings in the health care field also.

Medical insurance is weird anyway. You, or you and your employer, pay a monthly premium. You pay a co-pay. You pay a deductible. You pay a prescription co-pay. You pay for over-the-counter pain relief, cold medicine, and eyedrops. You pay, you pay, you pay.

Doctors set a price a service is worth. Insurance sets a price they think the doctor’s service is worth. The insurance amount is always lower than the doctor’s amount, so the doctor has to raise his fee so he can get paid enough to justify and/or pay off his or her education. Around again it goes and guess who pays the difference? You.

I don’t care what you want to call it. Call it socialism. Call it communism. Call it nothing. Call it real health care for real people. Call it nationalized medicine. Call it effective use of tax dollars rather than obvious disgusting waste we see at nearly every level. I don’t care if you still call it insurance as long as every man, woman, and child in this United States can enter any health care facility at anytime regardless of ability to pay or any other factor and receive health care. And yes, it might end up costing a little more taxes. I read one calculation at a raise of 1 (one) percent. Would I pay 1 (one) percent more income tax to know that any person in America including every member of my family and anybody in my care would be provided with health care when needed? You bet I would.


But do not call it taking care of slackers. If us poor folks down here could do different we would. Poor people have fewer choices and fewer ways to effect changes. With more than fifty percent of Americans living below the poverty level more people than ever before in the history of the United States are learning what it’s like to not have a roof or food or good health. Nobody chooses to be poor.

So, I’m just checking one more time, again. Is this America? Is this how we want our tax money spent, dispensing insurance programs that don’t dispense health care?

Most average Americans would not choose to have tax dollars mis-spent, and many more would like to have a say in how our tax money is spent. I don’t know how to subvert this insurance scam, but I can call it what it is. I can suggest an alternative world and ways to use our tax money, but I can’t effect the change. Perhaps my words can find the people who can effectively eliminate this vast insurance rip-off and start providing true health care for Americans. If we always do it the same way, we will always get the same results. The same results aren’t working. The new proposition commonly called Obamacare is very expensively not working. We have to be willing to risk a change in the status quo to provide honest, quality, individual health care for Americans.

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4 Responses to What’s Wrong With Obamacare?

  1. billmarydrew says:

    Thank you for writing this. I have many friend who are on the Oregon Health Care Plan and while not great coverage, it is protection for them and their kids can see doctors when needed. I know a family right now who has three kids and they both work, but neither employer provides health insurance. It seems so foreign to me that a math teacher at PCC and Chemeketa CC does not get health insurance benefits, but they do not. They are now facing a penalty because honestly for their family of five people, the rate they would need to pay is simply not within their budget. They would need to choose insurance premiums over food, mortgage. Trust me, they live in a very modest home. So, they now face a new “tax” that will increase each year as they understand. I don’t understand Kate how this program was supposed to help working families?? I am at a loss.


    • billmarydrew says:

      Sorry for the typos….I’m a wee bit passionate about this.


    • sassykas says:

      My opinion, sad to say, is our legislators do not have a clue who they serve and our tax dollars are incredibly mismanaged. I think they should all be fired, and the whole system restructured. We will have to depend on our young people for that. As Crosby, Stills, and Nash said “Teach your children well”. I have found Jeff Merkeley’s office to have a sympathetic ear and at least they talk to you, I mean you get to talk to a real person, not get a form letter, but write first. They encourage me to use my blog to speak out. We have to say; there are more of us “little down-trodden guy” than there are of them. We must stand against them each in our own way. I appreciate your indignation, your good words and your support, Mary!


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