The Queen Demands a Clean Green Revolution

One of the reasons I’m cranky is because many of our systems have failed us: politics, food, medicine. Technology could save us, but it’s not being used to the extent it could be. Before I post how to make it happen you must know what I want.

The queen of everything still has to work for a paycheck, and she’s older now, not able to do it all like before. Though I’d love to do all my own gardening and preserve my home grown food, and cook from scratch, and raise chickens, and compost, and butcher my own meat, that just ain’t happening for this girl especially after selling myself outside the house for a forty hour work week. I am so grateful and lucky to have a job! Still, the queen never laid claim to supermom or über-mom titles, she is merely the queen who sees. The queen with no support system. I’m also tired of reading books and seeing movies about how bad our food and medicine and water and politicians are. I want changes.

What the queen sees is people who still need roofs that don’t leak over their heads, and food in their bellies, and work to do, and we have an abundance of STUFF that needs to be taken care of. For some reason which I am currently investigating, my little brain is stuck on the year 1937. I would postulate the advances we have made since then have not necessarily been the best, or read: progress may be failing us. Progress hasn’t failed the capitalistic top 1% because they own all the money. And that top one percent can “lose” or misplace massive amounts of money, millions of dollars, and not even be called on the carpet for it. I’m telling you, if I misplace a dollar, I freak out. There’s justice and fairness for you. It’s all about the money.

I’m not saying we need to throw out capitalism completely, but as individuals we could make it less about the money. I just think there are more opportunities than we think, and it includes getting your hands dirty, and sweating, and working hard, doing things our own way like our grandparents and other forebears did. Opportunities might not be about a “job” or a paycheck earned from some other entity. Opportunities might be about enterprise and what people can do when they tell the government to go to hell and let me grow and eat and share what I want.

And I’m not saying we don’t need some rules and regulations for safety but it’s gotten so completely out of hand, our country looks like some kind of mistaken identity farce Shakespeare would write, or the worst kind of Abbot and Costello routine, “Who’s on where?”, because we can’t even remember the first thing. The American government expects us to forget what was said every four years anyway. It’s that bad.

When it’s that bad, it calls for a new approach, to maybe throw the bathwater out, to uncurdle the mayonnaise, to call a revolution. A revolution begins with demands.

Here’s what the queen wants and I don’t think it is too much to ask for every human person:
1. A safe home for every person. Period.
2. Clean water to drink, cook with, swim in and bathe with, not filled with toxic chemicals like fluoride, chlorine, heavy metals, and the residue of other people’s medications.
3. A fresh green grocer who sells food grown in the neighborhood to the neighborhood. Walking distance from my house. Open every day.
4. A bakery that uses whole ground non-GMO grains and flours and offers sweetener choices such as honey or evaporated cane sugar in the products. Walking distance from my house. Open every day.
5. A bakery that offers conventional sugar options for those who can eat them. Walking distance from my house. Open every day.
6. A dairy store that offers a choice of fresh raw milk or pasteurized milk, goat and cow; fresh and aged cheeses; other dairy products; and eggs, from small dairies within a ten mile radius of the store. Walking distance from my house. Open every day.
7. A butcher who offers grass fed, pastured meats produced on small farms within 20 miles of the store. Walking distance from my house. Open every day.
8. A deli store that offers prepared broths from meat with bones, soups and stews made with same, prepared meats and home-cooked grandma’s style side dishes for the tired worker. Walking distance from my house. Open every day.
9. Food sold from the above vendors stored only in glass jars or dishes with straight sides, no fancy curves in the glass, and no “linings” inside the glass. Glass and only glass. For which I’d gladly pay a deposit and return for refund.
10. The same vendor options for every community or neighborhood.
11. Subsidized motherhood. A time for a mother and new family to breastfeed and wean the child without financial worries.
12. Full tilt boogie breastfeeding, as long as the mother and child need it, in public if necessary. No ogling allowed.
13. Hands-on schooling free from government interference and testing. Teach music, gardening, cooking, art, vehicle maintenance and repair, physical education, how to find resources (technology – how to use a library or search engine or who to ask), and how to share that knowledge with others through their voices and through writing. Guaranteed they will learn to read and write and add. No conferences allowed.
14. No industrial farms or food production. Farm subsidies will go to small production farms and neighborhood gardens.
15. Green belts around every town, city, and neighborhood. Employ new vertical technology for urban gardens.
16. Gardens and chicken coops in every yard.
17. “Communal” living opportunities with garden space.
18. Senior centers built around garden spaces and swimming pools.
19. Home generated electricity-energy and the education and funding to do so.
20. Appropriate and affordable transportation and pathways when and where people need it.
21. Once we’ve done this for America, we could help make this function for every community in the world. Or not; we shouldn’t feel pressure to help other nations/countries unless they want it and ask for it. Some communities may be doing just fine without Americans. I am absolutely not talking about loaning money and providing weaponry.

I know, right? The queen of everything, cranky and sassy as she is, wants a lot. And if you are laughing out loud and saying it will never work, that’s only saying you aren’t willing to look at different ways to make this world work. There are always new ways if one wants to improve. Yes, it will require cooperation. We will have to know and work with our neighbors. Once folks have had enough of being poisoned with every drink of water and every bite of food, are tired to death of being sick and tired from the pharmaceutical poisons called “medicines”, they will try new ways.

New ways can and will – they must! – include the new technology. Ideas from many cultures and eras must be employed to take the most advantage of the entirety of our knowledge, and not knowledge based on commercially and politically funded junk science “research”.

Stay tuned for upcoming posts where I’ll explore some new ideas on how to help make the queen’s demands reality.

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3 Responses to The Queen Demands a Clean Green Revolution

  1. Mary Ann Cauthen says:

    Great writings. It would be heaven to be able to live like this. You are so right on about how much of what our society deems “progress” has poisoned us!! Thanks for sharing. I do as much of this as I can on a small scale & get criticized often. Much of our current population have stuck their heads in the sand & just don’t get it!. Mary Ann


    • sassykas says:

      Thank you, Mary Ann, for getting it. You care and that’s what is important. It starts with an individual. And when individuals come together we can raise barns and more, even our own standards. Keep the faith and grow your own!


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