I’m Into Heavy Metal

I like music. All kinds. Go figure: many of my titles reflect the age of music I grew up with. Each type of music has its place in my life. I get a lot of housework done when I listen to heavy metal. Cause when I’m done cleaning I get to turn it off and listen to something else. Or nothing at all. Silence can be good too.

I’m not talking about music today unless you are one of those {lucky} people who receive radio signals through your dental fillings. On my search for better health I came to realize I would never achieve an optimal wellness. I want to feel well. Yes, I want to feel GOOD. Then it dawned on me the heavy metal was in me in the form of silver mercury amalgam dental fillings. Mercury is a heavy metal, a poisonous liquid metal, that disrupts basic metabolic processes at the cellular level. Nearly 90% of the American population have silver mercury amalgams in their mouths. I’ve got lots, some old, which are disintegrating, and some newer, which are still actively off-gassing. Frankly, it’s making me a little cranky.

No matter what change I’ve made in my life, exercise, diet, stress relief, I did not achieve wellness, let alone vibrant shining health. I just got more and more tired and less able to do what I used to. I’d always taken care of myself because when I was nineteen and had my bouts with hepatitis, the doctor reminded me I would always carry the virus. If I didn’t take care of myself I could continue to get sicker. I did the best I knew. I continued my education about nutrition throughout my pregnancy in my late 30s and began eating better and exercising more than in all my adult life.

1999 and 2000 were big years for me. In 1999 I moved into a new (to me) house, started a new job, and started my son in first grade. Soon after the century changed my mother-in-law passed away and over the course of the next year and a half I had six new silver mercury amalgam dental placements in my teeth: three new fillings and three root canals with crowns over a silver mercury amalgam build-up. I was really excited to get my teeth “fixed”. I finally had some health insurance and went to a local dentist.

Boy, did I get “fixed”. My health took a nose dive. I gained thirty pounds with no change in eating or exercise habits (thirty pounds I’d just worked to lose). I couldn’t breathe at night when I was trying to sleep. The congestion was particular, just in the sinus cavity. Sleeping became not a sleeping situation but a trying to sleep situation. Nightly. I thought the congestion could be my housekeeping but I’d never been much of a housekeeper before and I’ve lived with all manner of molds, mildews, animals, pollens, and dusts. My house is across from a cement plant; that’s a special kind of dust. But I’ve lived next to a cement plant before and did not experience this kind of congestion. My place of work I had no control over; I work in a place where there is paper dust and ink, both of which can be allergenic, and I serve the public, all kinds; I don’t get to prescribe what level of cleanliness the janitor maintains. It didn’t matter where I slept. The congestion happens at my mother’s, my gal pals’, at a hotel at the beach, camping in the woods or my yard, or sleeping in the car. I thought it had to be something in me, like an allergic reaction.

I began to read about my symptoms and finally, while reading a book about autism (mercury is used as a preservative in vaccines, a controversial possible culprit in autism, but that’s another post), came across a reference to mercury amalgams and health problems. Since I’d just had a few new amalgams put in I ramped up the research. I had a couple more fillings that needed to be done and my dentist was so gentle and so kind when he assured me silver mercury amalgams are perfectly safe I went along. Little did I know he was spouting a party line. Sadly, it’s a party line lie he believes is true.

My health worsened. My doctors did not believe me or maybe my complaints did not fit into their little insurance boxes, but I was never sent to a specialist about the nightly congestion or sent to a sleep study for the disturbed sleep. The congestion makes it so every couple of hours I wake up or shift so I can breathe. During the congestion the nasal material neither blows out nor can it be snarfed back in, that is, I cannot cause any movement of whatever the material is. If I turn to the other side, the “congestion” takes about twenty minutes to move to the other side, but again it neither blows out or can be snarfed back in. During the day, however, at some point I will have a sinus irritation and blow out huge thumb-tip-sized wads of material that is just as sticky as the gooey stuff they now use in the mailers that come in your mailbox. When the congestion first started the irritations and drainage of mucus would happen often during the day, starting first thing in the morning and lasting late into the evening, building up all over again every night. I went through wads of tissue blowing out the thick sticky mucus.

As the dentist put in the additional placements the inside of my upper palate blistered and peeled repeatedly. I showed the blistered and peeling skin to the dentist and mentioned it to my doctor. Neither the dentist nor my doctor thought a constant blistering and peeling in my mouth I’d never experienced before was significant. Neither of these medical professionals suggested I was having an allergic reaction to mercury or any of the new dental placements I’d had. Neither of these medical professionals suggested I was experiencing mercury poisoning. It’s not in the modern medical paradigm.

I was experiencing daily headaches. My fatigue was phenomenal. I worked only through a sheer force of will because I have to support myself if doctors won’t say there is something wrong. I began having pain in my face running from the top of my mouth through my cheek up to my eye. A quick Google search told me this is trans-germinal pain, merely the name of the nerve affected. So what was affecting the nerve?

Mercury is a neuro-toxin. It is a deadly poison, plain and simple. Just look up the instructions on what to do if you break one of the old mercury thermometers or one of the new compact fluorescent lights and you’ll be assured mercury is a hazardous product. And dentists put it in your teeth. Then they behave as if your teeth are not in your mouth by calling the product safe, insisting the poison bonds with the other elements it’s mixed with into a stable material. I’ll tell you THE TRUTH. It’s not stable. And the other elements, other metals like zinc, copper, tin, aluminum, and silver, merely serve to make the mercury that much more toxic. Dentists must treat mercury as hazardous waste when they remove it from your mouth. If it’s a poison when it goes in and hazardous waste when it comes out what magic happens to make it safe when it’s in your mouth? To complicate matters the mouth produces an acid based liquid saliva which acts as a conductor. So if you are hearing music in your head/mouth all the time and have amalgams in your teeth, you are not crazy and don’t let a doctor tell you otherwise. But I guarantee they won’t believe you.

My reactions occurred rather rapidly after the new amalgam placements. One of the problems with understanding what happens with heavy metals, especially in dental fillings, is many of the symptoms occur so long after the dental treatment. Each person has a different threshold and rate of reactivity depending on sensitivity. But make no mistake. Mercury is a poison; you are not having an allergic reaction; you are being poisoned.

I discovered the research of Dr Weston A Price, a dentist in the 1930s, who wanted to understand why some people had nice wide jaws and healthy teeth, and some people had narrow jaws and crooked or crowded teeth. His research reveals the nutritional elements of healthy bones and teeth, the genetic legacy of poor nutrition , and the effects of mercury on the human organism. Most dentists today do not know his name. He spoke the truth and not the party line. Contemporary research is proving Dr Price to be right after all these years of mercury amalgam use and the failed experiment of fake foods in America.

I’m not a fan of Dr Oz. He spouts the party line; that’s how he’s funded, and often he flip-flops his “advice” (read: party line depending on which sponsor is paying him that night). However, he recently brought the mercury challenge to the prime time audience. See his four part episode here. It’s a fairly good overview of the problems of mercury poisoning, but it didn’t go far enough in showing the whole picture.

Many doctors are under the misconception that heavy metals are eliminated through urine. A small portion may pee out depending on the individual and their sensitivity, but for most people the mercury bonds at the cellular level by displacing an oxygen molecule and thereby disrupts metabolic processes. Metabolism is all about hormones, which regulate fat accumulation. I’m not saying I’m fat because of my mercury amalgam dental fillings, but it is a contributing factor few doctors or dentists will admit.

Oz did not go far enough to express what is happening with mercury, because the program was designed for the average viewer and mass appeal. The visual aid he shows about the off-gassing is excellent. Now take that a little further. If we produce that small amount just from brushing we are breathing mercury into each other’s faces with every retail or face-to-face service transaction, kissing, and missionary-style sex. Partying while drinking wine? The acid of the wine releases that much more mercury vapor to speak into your conversation. Singing with or listening to a choir, all those teeth coming together and releasing mercury into the atmosphere, oh my!

It’s true some of the mercury can be eliminated through urination. Let’s take that a little further. If you have silver mercury amalgams in your mouth, every day for the rest of your life you are contributing to the amount of heavy metal in our water system whether you use city sewer systems or have a septic tank. Multiply that by 90% of the American population.

Eating foods to remove the mercury from your body is a process called chelation. You can eat all those lovely foods Oz talked about in the video (though he didn’t even mention asparagus, one of the best chelating vegetables) you want, but until you remove the source there will be a constant battle inside your body because you are perpetually re-poisoning yourself. Your cells know better. They know that mercury molecule plugging up that oxygen place in the cell is wrong, and no matter what other nutrients you put in, the good or cleaning nutrients can’t enter the cell until the mercury is gone. No wonder we have a nation of obese sick people. Not only are we being sold fake poisonous foods, we have mouths, bodies, and cells full of poisonous heavy metals.

Oz’s mercury video also didn’t present any evidence about the composite/resins available which are based on plastics. With plastic being a known estrogenizer, and no studies currently being performed on the effects of plastics in the mouth, we could have the mercury debacle all over again. Mercury came into common use about 150 years ago as an affordable option to teeth pulling. What will we see 75 or 100 years from now after the elimination of mercury and we have mouths full of plastic instead? Feminized men? Women who cannot carry a child to term? Ambiguous genitalia or mutant genetic combinations? Birth defects? We don’t even know. The porcelain and ceramic options, which are more like the enamel that makes up a large part of our teeth, seem the least offending option as neither have large amounts of metals, can off-gas, or react to saliva. Teeth have capillaries and nerves in them, so once you lose a tooth your mouth is never quite the same when a replacement or restoration is put in; the tooth is no longer “fully functional”. There is also evidence against sealants which are so popular with dentists because insurance will pay for the service. Sealants are a plastic, a known estrogenizer. What does that do to our young men? I talked it over with my son and he decided he’d rather have a tooth decay and be repaired than have some weird cancer show up down the road. The reason I said cancer? One of my ex-co-workers was one of the first to have sealants back in the day. She’s never had a cavity, but she’s had both breasts removed to breast cancer. It’s all connected, you see.

And oh, yes, I’d love to have all my mercury removed and other restorations put in place. I have fillings from when I was a child that are now more than fifty years old which are corroding, chipping, and cracking my teeth. Mercury is not only a drying agent, it makes a kind of wedge as it fills the tooth, pushing the tooth apart. Eventually a mercury filled tooth is likely to break. Not long after I had my first mercury fillings as a I child I was also fitted for corrective lenses in the fourth grade, but the fact that the eyes are directly above the teeth mean nothing to doctors and dentists. I have newer fillings which have a higher copper content, not a heavy metal but it accelerates the rate at which mercury leaches into the body. Perhaps that’s why I reacted so quickly after the last few placements. I also have a gold tooth, which adds to the amount of metal in my mouth. The more kinds of metal you have the more reactive it is to your saliva.

There’s no guarantee I will be able to remove all the mercury from my body after more than fifty years of exposure with repeated onslaughts of fresh poison. But I’d sure like to try as I continue my search for better health. For thirteen years my upper palate has blistered and peeled, the nightly sinus congestion has not abated, my fatigue grows daily because I don’t sleep because I can’t breath, my face hurts, my head aches, my joints ache with arthritis, my hepatitis worsens, and now I deal with pre-diabetes (having just lost thirty pounds again and reversing all my diabetic numbers through food and exercise). Since grade school I’ve struggled with weight control and keeping an average-sized body. Over the past two years besides increasing tinnitus, I have a tongue that feels like it’s been burnt by hot soup all the time, though I rarely eat hot things, and a salivary gland or lymph node that randomly puffs up like the mumps. Since all those body parts are right around my mouth, how can I not suspect the mercury in my teeth? Most of these symptoms are metabolic in nature and probably stem from the long, constant, and repeated exposure to mercury.

To have my mercury amalgams removed and the proper restorations done will cost thousands of dollars not covered by my health insurance which I am so grateful to have. Unfortunately I don’t have that kind of income. I found a website where the foundation paid for a complete restoration because the foundation believed in what removal and proper restoration can do improve a person’s health. They were so swamped with applications I didn’t even bother and they closed within a year.

So I have the heavy metal music in me, in my cells. I’d like to know if I’d still have it in me without the heavy metal mercury in me too. Before I die would be nice.

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