Gratitude *~* Sunday

Gratitude Sunday

Sunday’s heartfelt tradition.
A time to slow down,
to reflect,
to be grateful.
A list of gratitudes.
Our gratefulness feeds one another.
Quoted from Taryn Wilson at Wooly Moss Roots.

Sunday Haiku

Red and gray bricks wind
beneath the wide branched oak tree,
spring breeze on my skin.

Faith’s Labyrinth

One of the many advantages of living in a university town is access to the resources they provide to the surrounding community. Most of the literary, political, and educational events offered to students and faculty are open to the public, and many for merely the cost of your time. The opportunity to educate myself at little or no cost is truly gratifying and goes way beyond a financial value. The lovely campus covers 55 acres with large swaths of green lawn, old oaks and cedars, a pond garden, a greenhouse, and a pioneer graveyard.

I find the most interesting feature to be a labyrinth installed in honor of the university’s first female president (Faith) after she passed way from cancer. There’s a nice plaque in her name and, of course, giving credit to the folks who made it happen. I am grateful to them all as I use the labyrinth every Sunday to make the journey into the center and back out again. I take the time as I walk the intricate back and forth winding of the pattern to contemplate as I try to let go of the last week and ready myself for the next.

The labyrinth is surrounded by old oak trees, ornamental grasses, and other landscaping and is next to a main arterial with metro transit access, so though we are a semi-rural town at the far west end of a major metropolitan area, not only is there a lot of traffic every fifteen minutes a city bus comes by. The little businesses on the street are neoned and noisy as students use the billiards joint which serves adult beverages and the 1920s historic theater next to it which serves up community constructed live theater.

Curiously, there comes a point as I walk on my journey every week where the lights and noise fade away and I’m “transported”, for lack of a better word, to a world of earth and water and smoke and ancient smells and ways, with thatched huts and dirt floors and cooking hunted foods over wood fires. The noise of the traffic becomes the sound of wind and rivers and waterfalls and storms while I catch glimpses and smells of ancient times and methods. The visions and auras fade as quickly as they come as each step on the labyrinth changes the place and time where I am.

At the center of the labyrinth is a six-leaved semi-circle configuration, sort of like a cloverleaf. I place my right foot in each semi-circle keeping my left foot grounded in the center and I have a “magic” word for each circle as my right foot touches it. I share my “power” here and reveal my “magic” words: head, heart, hands, health, happiness, holiness. {You have my permission (not that anyone needs permission to do anything) to use magic words if you use a similar labyrinth, or at anytime you wish. All words have power, it’s what we invest in them.} Then I leave the center and travel my way back to the “real” world I think I know. At the end of my Sunday journey I turn back toward the labyrinth, bring my palms together above my head and lower them to the center of my belly while giving thanks for oh so many things, including the labyrinth and the sunset I see in front of me.

Flower Watch – blooming attractions in my neighborhood this week: red hawthorne, magnolia, star magnolia, little white dog-tooth violet, tiny bright yellow johnnie-jump-ups, weeping Chinese cherry, tulips!

This week I have been grateful for:

  • The labyrinth.
  • Plum and cherry petal snow.
  • The bright yellow, orange, and peach faces and many varieties of daffodil and narcissus.
  • The sweet scent of narcissus in a neighbor’s yard.
  • Meeting a neighbor over the counter where I work as she recognized me from my evening constitutionals and introduced herself. Nice of her.
  • My pool pal hiding an Easter egg in my flip-flop at the pool. Gave me a giggle.
  • Electrical street lights in my neighborhood so I can walk in the evening clear into the dark hours.
  • The first two days of the season working with my “office” door open to the light and fresh air.
  • Reading and understanding science.
  • Finding new and easy recipes to try.
  • The time I make to write.
  • Water.

Namaste. Peace. Blessings.

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3 Responses to Gratitude *~* Sunday

  1. heathermama says:

    beautiful. ❤ have a wonderful week


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