If You Poison Us Do We Not Die?

We are eating and drinking lies at our own expense, and paying for it in more ways than one. There is not one thing out there that is safe to eat or drink. Not even the food you grow in your own garden on your own land. Not even the water that falls from the sky. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zero. Not one thing you eat or drink is safe. And it’s making people crazy out there.

It’s making me cranky because I know the truth about how the earth and water is poisoned, about how processed food poisons us more, about how our scientific research is paid by the companies that want certain “answers”, and about how our choices are being legislated away from us in the name of “safety”. So what do I eat? What do I drink?

We are eating processed “foods”. Every processed “food” is putting poison in your body. Processed foods make none of the effective chemical changes in the cells of our bodies for optimum nutrition. Many of us know this, we’re working to change this.

For the last one hundred years America has been the largest unscientific experiment in the world. It is the one of the few places on earth where food production has been taken away from the local farmer and legislated into commercial agricultural industries. In most states it is illegal to purchase raw natural life-enhancing milk if you should choose to do so. In some places you cannot sell what you grow in your garden. You definitely cannot sell it if you turn it into a value-added food, such as pickles or jam, unless you pay The Man again and purchase a license or permit.

Often the first excuse given for processed food is food safety. In the name of food safety we are being given processed “food” that is not even food, or a frankenfood at best, the “safety” of which is yet to be proven. Many food safety laws came about in the early part of the twentieth century when transportation and refrigeration were new, and is certainly in need of revision with all the technology we have at our fingertips these days. We can build on the old traditional nutritions using new technologies and provide communities with proper fresh organic real foods.

The second excuse given is America has to feed to world. That’s not exactly true, in fact, it’s pretty much hogwash. America has no obligation whatsoever to feed the world. Many places in the world are doing just fine feeding themselves, and they’d probably be better off if Americans would just leave them alone. What’s hard for many of these places is surviving with the water our nation has managed to poison while pretending to “feed the world”. (I do realize it’s a little more dire than I make out here). Most places don’t want American food, but they do want clean water and to improve their own food. Again technologies applied properly can help this feeling of obligation Americans have in helping the rest of the world, which in the past has been more exploitative than altruistic.

American citizens are plagued by obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, high crime and mental health rates. We are second, third, and fourth generation guinea pigs who are showing the results of the processed food experiment. In supposedly the wealthiest nation in the world we have THE WORST FOOD. Fully 95 % of the “food” available to buy at the typical grocery store is not even food. It’s poison. Every culture that has switched from its native fresh natural diet to the American diet of the last hundred years has experienced the “American syndrome” of increased obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

This “food” that is manufactured for us in the name of safety and feeding the world goes into our mouth, moves through our stomachs and intestines, sort of comes out the other end, and wreaks havoc all along the way. But, wait, you say. I eat healthfully, all garden fresh, organic and natural foods. That can’t be bad for you.

Can’t it? Where do you shop? Whole Foods and New Seasons are not the answer. Read your labels; most of the foods sold by the new “natural” stores have just as much sugar and chemicals as the regular grocery stores. Do you grow your own or buy at the Farmer’s Market? Do you/they treat with pesticides or herbicides? Do you/they add commercial rather than organic fertilizers to your soil? Are you having any health problems or are you a picture of glowing health? Are you aging gracefully?

The really sad part is how it all works together. Big Chemistry companies like Dupont and Monsanto create a petrochemical product they don’t know what to do with so they give it to Big Food companies like Archer Daniels Midland who create something like boxed cold cereal or granola bars or some sort of frozen meal, then the marketers sell it to you as healthful even though it’s made out of fossil fuels and sawdust. Or they wax your fruits and vegetables with it and call it “generally regarded as safe”. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? I would bet it means it’s never even been tested. Or they give it to the food packagers who put plastics inside cans or try to convince you it’s safe to microwave veggies in plastic. Or they give the petrochemical products to a Big Pharma company like Pfizer who creates some sort of drug they don’t know the effects of so they play with the new drug until it does something to someone without killing them, then they call it an anti-inflammatory or whatever and market it as a pain reliever. But they still don’t really know what it does. Then it’s supported by “fake” science, that is, science that’s paid for directly by the company for which the answer is needed.

The price we pay is an earth poisoned with industrial wastes, including the soil, air, and water. We pay with damaged health and a damaged genetic legacy. We pay with lost knowledge of real food and real health. We pay with lost taste buds; we don’t know what real food tastes like anymore. We pay with our mental health when we are blamed for getting sick from being fed poison. We pay for the “medical” treatments that cause more death and damage. We pay to dispose of the packaging and food waste to have it carried away from our homes and put into waste centers that don’t biodegrade and contribute to the industrial waste that poisons the soil, air, and water. We pay with children who have never seen a cow or a chicken outside of picture books, or TV shows, or movies, and who wouldn’t know a dandelion from a radish. We pay with such bad nutrition most Americans are barely sane anymore.

With all this fake science, they poison you with the food they’ve brainwashed you into thinking is healthful, which really makes you sick. Then they blame you for your illness, and charge you for guesswork treatment and drugs of questionable efficacy. And there falls the house that Jack built. Or the house that George Washington and Thomas Jefferson and John Adams and Benjamin Franklin and John Hancock built. They’d be rolling in their graves if they knew what we’ve done to food.

When my little burg was platted back in the 1840s the SMALLEST lot was an acre of land. One small acre to support a cow and chickens and a kitchen garden for the average family. Real food produced by a family who worked near where they lived. Today the MINIMUM density housing in the same area is eight lots per acre. Minimum, not maximum. They’ll squeeze in as many more as they can get away with. Don’t yell population explosion as there are other alternatives.

In 1937, in my little burg, we had more real food choices than we do today. On Main Street, walking distance for most neighborhoods, we had a green grocer, a dairy store, an open air butcher, and a bakery. People could buy fresh, hand made, home grown foods every day.

Our choices today?

Mega stores full of shelf after shelf of non-food and hardly any live food.

Dead, devitalized, pasteurized, homogenized milk to which they now want to add artificial sweeteners. How long have they been adding sugar or high fructose corn syrup and not even requiring it on the label?

“Organic” grain fed beef raised in commercial feed lots. Cows are grass eaters; for proper digestion and milk and meat production they must move their bodies. Oh, right, just like people. Even that is not ideal as many commercial farmers and industrial production encourage the use of pesticides which poisons the grass.

Eggs come from vegetarian fed chickens, raised in crowded commercial feed lot, and you are charged more for the special vegetarian “feed”. We are so far away from the common knowledge of the earth we have forgotten chickens are NOT VEGETARIANS. For eggs to have the nutrition they are supposed to have chickens need to eat animal proteins in the form of bugs, grubs, and worms, so the protein humans take from the egg is in the proper digestible, nutritional form. And like cows and humans, chickens need a little room to walk around and do their thing.

Soy is being foisted upon us as the protein substitute savior, instead of the meat human teeth, muscles, bones, and cells were designed to use. Soy is indigestible by the human digestive system and not nutritionally bio-available at the cellular level for the human being. Soy can be used as a feed for cows who have four stomachs to do the work of breaking down this complex cellulose.

America is the country that invented GMO foods and we are the only one that does not require full disclosures on all labels. Not only do we create poisoned foods, we market them as healthful and safe and sexy. Then we take away common knowledge by removing citizens from the farm or access to the farm so we don’t know the TRUTH. The truth is we are eating poisoned foods.

I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more. I’m going to do everything I can to inform people of the truth about processed foods and how foods are produced in unhealthful ways. I also have ideas on how neighborhoods and communities can take control of food needs and completely divorce themselves from the commercial food grid. It would mean, god forbid, working together. But my ideas would give even the poorest rural or urban neighborhoods access to real live foods while reducing fuel use, and the entire carbon foot print.

In The Merchant of Venice when Shakespeare finished the paragraph by Shylock with “if you wrong us, shall we not revenge?” he was talking about money and power. Money and power is the bottom line of any endeavor. I don’t want revenge. I want the truth and easy unlegislated access to real food. I don’t want poison whether governmental, political, or agricultural. I want the same real food choices my grandparents had before commercial foods were forced down our throats disguised and propagandized as healthful living. At least some of the choices available to us today are more healthful than others. Choose the lesser of evils. Every effort we make to clean the earth, the water, our food – every effort makes a difference.

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