Where I Doth Protest Daylight Saving Time

It comes around twice a year. Coming up again this weekend. As much as I dislike the word “hate”, I HATE Daylight Saving Time. You will hear this rant twice a year from me.

It’s just a clock game, people! It has nothing to do with farmers or industry or yadda yadda yadda and it messes with my body chemistry. All the work I do all year round to maintain a modicum of health gets messed up twice a year because of some bureaucratic baboons who think it’s ok to tell the rest of the United States of America what to do. Power and control. There is not a study in this world you can present to convince me Americans are more productive with this crazy clock game.

I’ll never believe farmers wanted Daylight Saving Time. Any farmer or gardener will tell you the critters and the plants cannot read a clock nor do they even know what a clock is. Flora and fauna are strictly by the sun, folks. They do not give a rip if the hour goes this way or that way, and neither does the weather: where is the sun and when will I see it again?

Your business or work begins at the same o’clock every day regardless of the sun so what’s the deal? As the sun moves into summer we naturally have more evening light. Bodies do not need to be playing sports at 10:00 PM just because there is a little light left out there. You should be getting ready for bed.

No wonder China and India are getting all the production jobs. Their body chemistries aren’t all messed up from governmentally imposed time changes twice a year.

No amount of rationalization about “energy savings” will convince me a clock game is worth the health risk of an entire nation, forgive me, nations, as most of Europe participates in the madness as well.

Isn’t it interesting that Daylight Saving Time became standardized in the late 1960s? Just when we were going into Vietnam. Though we went through a boom for a while after the war, we really haven’t made much progress. Don’t talk to me of technology as progress, not when it’s poisoning us. Look at the increased incidence of diabetes, obesity, heart disease, etc, it’s part and parcel of the processed food and stress of disrupted sleep which creates havoc in the cells of the body. Daylight Saving Time is a regular stress factor. You can count on it happening whether your body likes it or not.

I haven’t even gotten to the poisoning post yet.

I’m still cranky about something that would be easy to change and begin improving the health of every American citizen immediately. Write your newspapers, your City Councilors, your Mayor, your Governor, your Legislator or Congressman, and your President. Stop the madness of Daylight Saving Time. Just. Say. No!

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4 Responses to Where I Doth Protest Daylight Saving Time

  1. carol tuttle says:

    I, like you, hate daylight saving time and see absolutely no need for it at all. It doesn’t save any daylight by taking it from one end of the day and putting it on the other end.


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