Gratitude *~* Sunday

I love the words gratitude and gratefulness. They have such a great vibration. Gratitude looks like an abbreviation of “great attitude” which is what we should work toward most of the time. I realize life is tough; one hundred percent great-attitude is hard to maintain.

I have been a student of spirituality all my life, but more seriously in the last seven years. I read across all disciplines and philosophies and I admit I have favorites, a scholarly Jewish rabbi, several Christian sites, and a couple devoted to Buddhism. The sites that really soothe me remind me of my affinity with nature and the abundance of our natural world.

In the spirit of Gratitude Sunday, a weekly reflection on all I am grateful for, honorable mention today is to friend and mentor Michelle Simkins whose beautiful writing at Green Woman is an inspiration. Like Taryn Wilson at Wooly Moss Roots, Michelle’s photographs are breathtaking. I really need to learn how to take pictures! See Michelle’s sweet handcrafted items, and her fairy card readings are WORTH EVERY PENNY.

This week I am grateful for:

  • I can still walk, and I get to walk outdoors.
  • All the green and flowery signs of spring, flowering cherry and plums, crocuses, snowdrops, forsythia, pussywillows.
  • Pleasant clerks who are at the store early in the morning when I have to shop.
  • Seeing my little pot of chives come back to life for another year.
  • Hearing a free lecture by Mohandas K. Gandhi’s grandson, Arun, at the university walking distance from my house.
  • Remembering and seeing other people who also want peace in this world.
  • The myriad shades of layered gray clouds obscuring the sun, and the yellow arc of the sun peeking through an unshrouded space.
  • My mom who, at 83, still has her mind, though her health is fading.
  • Reading.
  • Water.
  • Namaste. Peace. Blessings.

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    1 Response to Gratitude *~* Sunday

    1. Dema Blood says:

      What a lovely reminder of all we should remember every day. Thank you for your beautiful words.


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