Now Here’s The Real Skinny

May we have a drum roll, please? Oh, what the hey, let’s have a fanfare as well! After all, this is the post we’ve all been waiting for.

This is the post where I tell you I’m SKINNY now, I weigh one hundred thirty pounds, I have absolutely no cravings, I feel better than I did in my teens, I know the secret to weight control and body happiness.

BWAHAHAHA. Snort laughter. Oops, gotta clean my screen. Sorry to disappoint, but I can’t go there. I am not the weight loss poster child. Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig don’t want me. I’m still fat, I still like my body (duh, it’s the one I have), and I’m still working on improving my health, such as it is. And the techno-ditz hasn’t learned how to make pictures yet so you don’t get to judge me by my appearance. Yet.

How does that saying go? If you always do things the same way, you will always get the same results. So I have made changes in my life that are helping me feel better. “Better” being relative, of course. Some of those changes produce an odd cognitive dissonance because of knowing the truth and knowing reality, which ended up in my distaste for politics becoming a default mechanism instead. Translation: as a citizen of this United States of America I cannot hold my tongue. It is my duty as a citizen to tell the truth and share the truth and act toward the truth. Cue: Souza marching tunes, and put your hand over your heart. How does food become political?

I love good food. Food is and should be one of the great pleasures in life. Good fresh food and water provide all the elements needed by the body for movement, which it is built to do, and for imagination, which it is wired to do.

The body is as simple as it is complex. Three elements keep the body working: food, or input and fuel; exercise, or maintenance, which results in output (in, oh so many ways); and brain work, the central processing unit, which controls the above with the added benefit of an intellect that inspires us to keep on keeping on, to set goals and accomplish them or not as the case may be.

The body has a unique capacity to maintain a series of systems in perfect order. However, because of its intricacies, if any of its sub-systems are disrupted, unwellness of the entire system occurs. Many of the unwellnesses exhibit in fat accumulation. Get Real Clue: Fat accumulation is a disturbance of the metabolic system or how the body uses and regulates the fuel it’s given.

In our society, fat accumulation is not only an indicator of unwellness, fat has a stigma attached. The fat person is (visibly) out of control, stupid, lazy, a liar, dirty, and generally inferior, best relegated to the lower tiers of employment, or at the lower end of any business’s hierarchy. Historically, the fat body indicated wealth, or access to plenty of food and the leisure of unemployment. Today the opposite is true. Fat is an indicator of poverty, not just financial poverty, but intellectual and physical poverty. AND a poverty of availability of real, fresh, local hand grown food.

When I went back to my medical consultant with my list of foods I had two goals; reset my metabolism, and get off the diabetes medicine. I had two plans: an eating plan and an exercise plan.

Now here’s where it gets personal. FOOD. Food is personal. It’s what I eat. It makes me feel good. I need it. I have to eat.

Yes. Yes. Yes. And Yes. All of the above. You too, right?

But I can almost guarantee you most of what you eat is not good fuel that helps you move or think. It’s not your fault. You are being sold a bill of goods by your doctor, your government, and your grocer. Have you met your grocer? Do you know who your farmer is? If you know who your farmer is I’m proud of you. If you are your own farmer even better.

I KNOW. I’m going to suggest you change what and how you eat. Just like every other health blog. You’re already eating “well” according to doctor’s orders, exercising your ass off, and how’s that working for you? Losing any weight? Keeping it off? Yo-yoing? Getting worse?

I’m suggesting. I can’t make you change what you eat. You can scream “You can’t make me” all you want, but if you are giving your body the wrong fuel, no matter what else you do, the body will not regulate itself properly.

I can’t get you off the couch, either. Only you are in charge of you and hauling it around the pool or the block.

So here’s the REAL skinny. I’m not perfect. Nobody is. I’m still learning; but I have learned how the body works and I’ll tell you why exercise doesn’t make you lose weight, but it IS the most important thing you can do for your health. I’ll tell you why cutting calories doesn’t work and how to re-set your metabolism, and why you might want to. I’ll tell you how to do it with delicious foods without starving yourself. The sad news is the information about the toxins in your food. It’s not going to be what your doctor tells you.

I’m going to tell you all that and share recipes and try not to bore you to death with all the science. If you want my reading list I may be sharing that soon as well.

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