I Become Doctor Me

Being an anti-authoritarian type person has its challenges. When you don’t believe what you are told or read, you better study up so you can talk some talk. Extra challenges come when you find and know the truth and it’s opposite the mainstream version of the “truth”.

Stuff has to make sense to me. Tons of information is out there at your fingertips. If the Internet isn’t good enough for you hard copy can be obtained at a reasonable cost at most libraries. Free is a very good price at public libraries. Anyone can read and learn what science has been done in the past and what is currently being researched. I had to become my own doctor because nothing I was learning from the doctors, which was next to nothing in the first place, was of any help. Nothing minus nothing still equals nothing. I had to become Doctor Me to get any answers.

Unfortunately for the last 80 years or so science has been influenced by funding availability, and when the funders own the researchers, the researchers are often encouraged to, or actually do, make the results in favor of the funders. This is bad math and bad science. Our current American population is the result of all this politically funded science. Do we look healthy? Are we healthy? Or fit? And what about the many who look hale and hearty but are out there by sheer force of will because they can’t afford to stop working? It’s so pathetic that politics influences health care AT ALL.

The doctor who told me fat puts pressure on nerves was right. Bones and muscles and nerves and blood vessels all have within them an elegant design for homeostasis, that is, the body is an expert at optimal regulation of the system and maintenance of that perfect system. When that homeostasis is out of whack, illness, or unwellness, results. Indeed, fat does put undue pressure on tissues genetically programmed to have a certain size of perfection for that individual, and fat indicates an unwellness of the system. It makes sense.

Here’s a disturbing fact: the weight gained during pregnancy can put pressure on your nerves and cause nerve damage, even in women of “normal/average” body sizes. Why don’t gynecologists, obstetricians, and baby books scream that from the rooftops? Do they really think it would ever stop a woman from having a baby she wanted? But they sure want to stick a seven-inch-long needle into your pregnant belly for an invasive amniocentesis, which if you’re going to keep the baby no matter what, is totally uncalled for. It’s just another expense, financially and physically.

Most of the doctors were probably right. Many of my symptoms probably are caused by my fat. What they didn’t or couldn’t help me with was knowing why I was fat despite my efforts to follow their guidelines, or giving me relief or a solution without drugs. And they have subjected me to derision , rudeness, negative value judgments, and neglect while charging me buckets of money. If you are fat, obviously, you are lazy, stupid, or a liar. It’s visible. They’ve been taught a party line and they are selling it and guilting it to you, us, the American public.

The human body is an intricate and complex bio-electrical system. You can only control what you put in, how you move it, and what you subject its nervous system to (good luck on this one). What happens on the inside is another story entirely.

Following the doctor recommended protocol, I ate a diet according to the American Diabetes Association and the American Heart Association. I gained back the thirty pounds I lost when I had broken my arm in 2007. I gained ten more pounds. I was walking every day but I was becoming weaker, not stronger, and getting around that same old twenty minute block was killing me.

Somehow I came up with a UTI and saw the nurse practitioner I had recently changed to. She gave me antibiotic, drew blood, and told me we really needed to do a complete physical. You know what? She’s the first ever to ask me for a complete physical. That was last year, 2012; I’ve been an adult and paying for my own medical care for forty years. That speaks to me of caring care providers. Not.

She called me in for a follow-up. That creeped me out. Doctors only call you back when you have weird stuff going on. She made me sit down and told me despite all my efforts I had diabetes. She handed me a stack of recipe books, meal plans, ordered me to stick my finger twice a day, and wanted me to take two medicines, one for diabetes and one for high blood pressure. I vetoed that one and asked her which was the most important, knowing from previous research if my blood sugar was under control it was likely my blood pressure would be the same, and not vice-versa. I have BAD reactions to pharmaceutical drugs and avoid them like the plague. If I took two new drugs at once I would not know which one I was reacting to if I had a reaction. I hate taking medicine so I had to have a plan. I agreed to take the oral diabetes medicine.

I was pretty excited to read the information she gave me until I realized it was the same old party line crap that put me there. I needed to understand why fat accumulation happens and how metabolism works. A fascinating two week journey and twenty hundred books later, I went back to my medical consultant with a list of food items and asked her if I would be missing any essential nutrients. I explained my plan for detox, resetting my metabolic system, and reintroducing foods as I come off the detox, and my goals for exercise and getting OFF the medicine. She supported me one hundred percent and for the first time ever I felt validated with a medical consultant. She was concerned I would crave carbohydrates and gave a few suggestions.

I have always been the health care provider in my family, my advice is sought before any medical practitioner; I decide when to go to the doctor. I am my own doctor. Doctors can’t be with you 24/7 feeding you and hauling your butt around the block or the pool. You are in charge of your wellness. Doctors can only help you with unwellness, but they are not the ultimate authority over your body. You are.

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