The Power of The Techno-Ditz

I’m a cheap date. I get such a thrill when I teach myself something new. What seemed so hard before becomes so easy after you know how to do it.

The techno-ditz never gives up. As you can see I learned how to add blogs I love to my page. These authors inspire me in one way or another from food to parenting to real science. I love to share the places I get my inspiration from, especially recipes and the science behind and availability of real food.

I call myself the Cranky Curmudgeouness because during the forty years of my adult life the more things have changed the more they have gotten worse. In my early growing years I learned empathy for my fellow peoples inspired by a mom who introduced me to the public library when I was twelve. My question: why do people treat each other poorly? If one person has more money or is a different color or religion or sex or physical ability, what is it about those differences that seems to make it tolerable to treat people with those differences as lesser than you or even deserving of maltreatment?

The reference librarian introduced me to the religion and philosophy collections in our local library and I would often beg a ride or have mom drop me off while she did the grocery shopping. It seemed to me in my reading we really are all the same. The same but different. And viva la différence! It would be a BORING world if we were all the same.

What I’m cranky about is, in my mindful hippieness, I thought all that injustice and bullying garbage would be resolved in my lifetime. But. Oh. NO. It’s gotten WORSE! Yes, I realize I may be naive, but I am crankety, crotchety, and altogether out of sorts about it. Because that’s not how I behave. It’s not how I see my friends, family, and community behave. I feel like I’m being dragged around by the toenails by some ruthless uncaring machine called the “government”. The rich get richer and the poor give their money to each other and seek simpler lives just to eat. Awareness is not the same as resolution. Who is it who’s really aware?

Yet there is much to be grateful for. I am grateful every day. The earth gives us so much that has nothing to do with the government and I’m working and praying my little chunk of earth never gets taken away from me again. It’s not even really mine; I’m just taking care of it right now. Much of my inspiration comes from a new generation of women writing about their efforts to keep the earth close and take take of themselves and this place while they are here.

So on this Sunday I give my first honorable mention to the blogsite of Taryn Wilson at Wooly Moss Roots, who lives here in the Pacific Northwest, where she offers a forum for and encouragement in participating in a weekly gratitude ritual. I do a daily ritual at my midday meal, and every night before bed. I love her idea of looking back at the week and assessing the good. Her site is visually very soothing and beautiful; the techno-ditz will soon know how to make hers pretty too! I have tried Taryn’s recipes and especially love the applesauce elderberry muffins, though I used blueberries because they were in the freezer.

This Sunday I am grateful for:

  • blueberries and strawberries in the freezer
  • a new recipe to try
  • lovely weather to walk in
  • a free poetry reading at the university walking distance from my house
  • seeing so many people tending their yards in the mild winter we are enjoying
  • the techno-ditz can still learn new things
  • other bloggers and their lovely words about similar struggles in this life
  • the maroon colored buds on my plum tree soon to be pink blossoms
  • a roof that does not leak
  • water
  • And one day my site will be prettier, as Taryn and her Wooly Moss Roots, among others, inspires the techno-ditz to keep on learning.

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